Low Level Laser for Hair Growth Therapy – Laser Hair Brush for Thinning Hair

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Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Baldness, medically known as alopecia, is a condition characterized by hair recession on the front and lateral sides of the scalp in men, and diffused hair thinning over the crown and mid-frontal scalp in women.  There are several factors that may contribute to male and female pattern hair loss, including genetics, trauma, thyroid imbalance, and drug side effects, but the most common cause of baldness is androgenic alopecia.

Men and women who suffer from hair thinning and baldness struggle to find effective ways to reverse the condition and help regain their lost confidence to lead full and productive lives.  Hair restoration and replacement solutions for each individual are unique and greatly depend on the degree of hair loss.  Treatment options range from topical solutions, to scalp camouflaging, to hair transplant surgery.

For people who don’t like messy topical treatments, unwanted side effects and invasive surgery, there is an innovative approach to reversing baldness and stopping hair thinning.  Laser hair brush therapy is a non-invasive and non-chemical hair loss solution that employs low level laser or cold laser technology to restore hair shaft structure and promote hair regrowth.

Laser hair therapy (or, LHT) is a revolutionary method in preventing excessive hair loss and curtailing male and female pattern baldness.  The science behind low level laser for hair growth is known as the process of photo bio-stimulation.  The biostimulating effects of LHT work by penetrating the scalp and encouraging cellular respiration by increasing microcirculation of blood to the root system of the follicle, which stimulates cell repair and regeneration.

This increase in blood flow reduces the production of DHT (or dihydrotestosterone), the hormone responsible for hereditary hair loss.  It also helps transport oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots that help boost production of hair cells, resulting in increased hair growth and density.

The LHT is a cosmetic device approved by the FDA as treatment for male and female pattern baldness.  Most low level laser therapy hair loss solutions are being marketed as handheld portable devices that patients can use in the comfort of their own homes.  This approach helps them cut down on health care costs, since therapy sessions can be conducted at home.

Personal Laser Hair Brush - Low Level Laser for Hair Growth

Personal Laser Hair Brush – Low Level Laser for Hair Growth

There are a number of laser hair care products available on the market.  One product that stands out among the rest is Nutreve International Personal Hair Therapy Lasers.  The laser hair brush from Nutreve features low level laser for hair growth and Pulsed Wave Technology that is designed to effectively deliver light energy to the affected part of the scalp.

Unlike other products that utilize constant wave technology which can heat up and damage the skin surface, Nutreve’s pulse wave energy penetrates the scalp cells through short bursts of light energy.  The continuous blinking of laser diodes at high speed rates has been proven to generate cellular response at significant levels.

The Personal Hair Therapy Laser by Nutreve comes with an ergonomic design that enhances comfort and eliminates fatigue during use.  The laser hair care device has a total of 35 – 650nm pulsed semiconductor laser diodes.  It is specially designed to deliver direct-to-scalp treatment of 171.5 milliwatts (mW) of power to the scalp.

Users of Nutreve Personal Hair Therapy Laser can see dramatic results in a short period of time.  Recommended use is three times a week, for about 15 – 45 minutes.  Noticeable improvements can be seen within six months.

Watch this video here to see how this laser hair brush device from Nutreve works!

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FDA Registered Cosmetic Device
Nutreve Personal Hair Therapy Laser is a Class 3r Cosmetic Device. Not intended for medical use.