State-of-the-Art Laser Hair Therapy for Men & Women

State-of-the-Art Laser Hair Therapy for Men & Women 0 State-of-the-Art Laser Hair Therapy for Men & Women 1  2

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The Nutreve Personal Hair Therapy Laser is the most innovative product for the treatment of thinning hair on the market today. It's All About the Pulsed Diode Power plus Convenience of Use at an Affordable Price!

There are so many different Laser Hair Combs but there is only ONE Nutreve Personal Hair Therapy Laser. When you need results, you need the Nutreve PHTL!

FDA Registered Cosmetic Device.

How to Use

  • It's All About the Power!
    • 35 650nm True Semiconductor Laser Diodes (no LED's)
    • 3 times more powerful and effective than the most popular hair laser comb
  • Nutreve's Proprietary Pulsed Wave Technology
    • Clinically proven more effective than constant wave
    • No other hand-held device has it
  • Direct-to-Scalp Concave Face Light Delivery System
    • No Power Loss due to distance from the scalp as with some other devices
    • Ergonomic design for comfort
  • Optional Hands Free Stand - The hand-held that isn't?
  • The Most Power for your money compared to similar-priced products like Laser Hair Combs
  • FDA Registered Cosmetic Device
  • 6 Month No Questions Asked Satisfaction Guarantee*
    • *See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for details

Nutreve's Proprietary Pulsed Wave Technology (PW - pulsing light) delivers significant millisecond bursts of energy with each "on" cycle followed by an "off" cycle. The short bursts of energy cause positive follicle cellular response without unnecessarily heating the cells when compared to other constant wave laser devices, providing a superior result. Currently Nutreve is at the leading edge of the PW breakthrough and no other competitor in the Hand Held Laser Device arena offers this technology. There is no Laser Hair Comb on the market that features this breakthrough technology!

Additionally, Nutreve's laser features 35 (650nm) true semi-conductor laser diodes (not LEDs) delivering 3 TIMES THE POWER OF THE MOST WELL KNOWN Hand-Held Laser! Our state-of-the-art technology provides superior personal hair care therapy at an affordable price! Make your Nutreve laser hands-free by purchasing the Nutreve Combo Package at our attractive Combo pricing.

Laser Comparison Chart

Laser Device Comparison ChartNutreve Personal Hair Therapy LaserBosley Lasercomb EliteHairmax Laser Comb PremiumHLCC Ultimate 25 Laser Hair CombiGrow Laser
Number of laser diodes359122521 Laser Diodes / 30 LEDs
Laser Diode Output4.9 mW<5.0 mW<5.0 mW<5 mW<5mW*
Total Power171.5mW<45 mW<45mW<125 mW<110mW*
Pulsed Wave TechnologyYesNoNoNoNo
Laser wavelength650 nm650 nm650 nm650 nm670 nm*
FDA Laser Class3R3R3R3R3R*
Quality ControlISO 9001 / CEISO 9001 / CEISO 9001 / CEISO 9001 / CEISO 9001 / CE
Power OperationCordless, RechargeableCordless, RechargeableCordless, Rechargeable2 - AA BatteriesPower Cord
Hands FreeYes, with optional standNoNoNoYes
Number of Components2 - Laser & Charging Cord3 - Laser, Stand & Charging Cord3 - Laser, Stand & Charging Cord1- Laser only (disposable batteries)3 - Laser, Electrical Cord & Controller
* Laser Diodes only - Learn More

Laser Hair Therapy for Women Example of Results after Just Six Months Usage

Womens Hair Loss & Prevention 40 Before Treatment - Post Chemotherapy

Here is an example of a woman using the Nutreve personal hair laser for just six months.

On the left you can see her very thin hair prior to commencing daily laser treatment. On the right, you can see the significant change.

We think you will agree there is a dramatic improvement in her hair growth, thickness and density.

Learn more about this women's experience of hair loss and recovery, what caused it and her reaction.

Womens Hair Loss & Prevention 40 After Treatment - Post Chemotherapy

Laser Hair Therapy for Men Example of Results after Just a few Months of Usage

Mens Hair Loss Therapy Before Treatment Male 24 - Laser Brush for Hair Loss

Whether young or old, premature thinning hair can be just as traumatic for men as it is for women.

To the left before he began treatment and on the right his results speak for themselves!

In this example of a 24 year old male suffering from early hair loss, you can see the dramatic improvement after just a few months of using the Nutreve Laser Hair Brush.

See more about this happy client's laser hair therapy story along with other case studies on our Success Story page.

Mens Hair Loss Therapy After Treatment Male 24 - Laser Brush for Hair Loss
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FDA Registered Cosmetic Device
Nutreve Personal Hair Therapy Laser is a Class 3r Cosmetic Device. Not intended for medical use.