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How a Laser Hair Comb Works

The word “laser” in laser hair comb can sound dangerous! I thought that lasers removed things (think tattoos, women’s facial hair) not grew things! Don’t lasers actually destroy tissue? I investigated and found out that lasers have been helping re-grow hair for over 30 years in Europe, and at least 20 years here in the U.S. Laser combs have been typically used in clinics and specialized salons in the form of hair-dryer type equipment that allows laser light of the red frequency to penetrate the scalp to reactivate blood flow to the hair follicles. Now however, smaller, lighter, hand-hale devices are made for home use.

Can a Hand-held Laser Hair Comb Really Work?

How can this be? I researched the low level laser therapy (LLLT) that has been used for years to treat chronic pain and inflammation and is now actually used to help heal and re-grow hair after scalp surgery. Low level laser light accelerates the healing and curbs any inflammation, restoring tissues and cells to their normal healthy function. When applied to hair follicles, this return to normal cellular functions and stabilization of the membranes results in hair re-growth. Years of damage from poor diet, too much sun, tobacco, excessive hormone levels and unlucky genetics can be overcome by a laser hair comb.

How Do I Use a Laser Comb?

Typically a quality laser comb is used three times a week for about 30 minutes per day. The laser brush or comb is passed over the scalp, targeting the thinning or balding areas in a pattern that most evenly covers the entire area that you want to treat. The most effective laser comb is one that has the highest number of true lasers and not just the light emitting diodes (LEDs) that some combs use. The new portable ones have no cords, but use rechargeable batteries, this makes it very easy to use in front of the TV or on vacation.

Common Questions about Laser Comb

Is a laser comb really worth the $300-$500 that is being charged today? Compared to clinic or salon visits for laser hair re-growth treatments it is very cost effective. There are no appointments to make, no travel time or gasoline expenditures and it can be used in the complete privacy of your own home. Any shampoos or conditioners that are recommended by laser comb manufacturers would be needed to maintain your hair and scalp cleanliness anyway. How quickly will hair re-grow and will the hairs remain or will they gall out again? Results can be seen in 2-3 months. Hair may grow in finer at first, but will thicken as the follicles regain total health. Continued use is mandatory however, as without the light therapy certain types of conditions may return. Will the hair look the same or will it be different? The hair that will re-grow will look exactly like the hair that last grew out of your scalp in that area. The benefit is that hair is not transplanted from another area of your scalp or body which could look out of place. What about any side effects? Make sure you purchase a laser comb that follows FDA guidelines for home use. Thorough testing and significant use has been analyzed by the FDA and many of the manufacturers.

Laser hair combs are now the new hot topic on the internet as well as in medical journals. However, as with all new solutions to age-old problems, time will decide whether or not this device will sin the hearts of men and women everywhere. As out health consciousness and quest for youthful looks increases especially in the baby boomer generation, I believe that this is just another tool in our toolbox for looking our best!

It is Never Too Early to Halt Hair Loss by Using a Laser Hair Comb

Many people do not realize that thinning hair can start at a young age before any balding patches are evident. Looking at one’s parents and grandparents can tell you that baldness is a possibility in your future. Even if your genes do not predispose balding… thinning, lackluster hair is a result of the hair follicle’s inability to receive proper nutrients and remain healthy. The new lightweight, hand-held laser hair comb delivers low level light laser therapy to your scalp to rejuvenate weak hair follicles, delivering these nutrients and providing the following results. Thicker looking hair, shinier, healthier looking hair and stronger hair are all possible as the laser therapy improves hair follicle cellular metabolism and protein synthesis through improved blood circulation. Existing hair will also enjoy these results and appear fuller as healthy follicles produce hair with improved shaft quality.


Bad Habits that can lead to Hair Loss!

The word thin sounds great for your figure, but not so if it relates to your hair. It is scary to discover suddenly clumps of hair in the morning on your pillow or lying on the bathroom floor after the shower. Yes, you are losing more hair strands than normal. It is true that hair will become thinner as you grow older. But not necessarily hair loss will come only with age. It may be your bad habits that are contributing to the excessive hair loss. We all want to take very good care of our hair as it is known as the pillar of beauty, but not always can do so.

There are some habits which may seem to have no connection with your hair may be the reason behind your hair loss. The habit of taking the excessive stress, unhealthy hairstyles, styling processes, eating wrong foods, vitamin deficiencies and even simple scratching your hair for long can be the culprit.

If you are experiencing too much hair loss, then, of course, things are not looking bright. But the good thing is it’s never too late to save your hair. There are many so-called bad habits that can affect your hair adversely causing premature shedding of your strands. Often your desired thick hair is just a few simple steps away.

It is all about making some effective changes in your lifestyle. Being aware of all these bad habits can really help you understand the real cause of your hair loss. TheBarbr shows you 12 awful habits that you must get rid of to regain your thick hair. If you have any one of them or more than that it is high time to consider rectifying it, else you may have to be happy with thin hair or even worse bald patches.

12 Bad Habits That Can Lead To Hair Loss




Stop Natural Hair Loss with Proper Hair Care!

Those who are worried about natural hair loss will want to make sure that they do all they can to stop losing hair. Those who want to stop losing hair need to know how to be able to take care of the hair that they have now, and the hair follicles that will keep the new hair coming through the multiple hair cycles. There are many things that can be done to take proper care of the hair and follicles. As long as you do these things, you can be sure that you are doing what you can to promote hair growth, and to stop natural hair loss.


Take Your Vitamins (Protein and Iron)

Many people do not realize the importance of taking vitamins and minerals to help you keep from losing hair. If you have a deficiency of protein or iron, your hair may wind up coming out, because the follicles do not get the nutrition they need. If you are concerned about natural hair loss, you will want to make sure that you get the proper amount of vitamins into your body as best as you can. By taking vitamins, you can have an easy, one a day way to get the protein and iron that you need.



People are often not aware of the importance of a good shampoo to maintain your hair’s health. If you have the proper shampoo, your hair will be healthy, as it will actually take the excess oils off and out of your hair. While too much oil is bad (which is why you shampoo), a certain amount is good. If you use shampoo that takes all of the oils out of the hair, your hair can be damaged and weak. This can cause people to think that they are permanently losing hair. With proper shampoo, this can be reversed.



Using a conditioner that makes your hair soft and silky without coating it and weighing it down is a great way to make sure that the hair and the follicles are healthy. It is important to make sure that you are using conditioner that will make your hair stronger through natural means. Some conditioners will put plastics on your hair. If you make sure that you look for the most natural way to take care of your hair, it will be as healthy as possible.


Stopping Hair Damage

There are other things you may be doing that will damage your hair or cause you to lose hair. If you are stressed, you will find that you will lose hair. If you use irons and hair dryers on a regular basis, the heat will damage your hair. When you damage your hair, it is more prone to falling out, as the hair and the follicle are weakened.


If you are seriously worried about natural hair loss, you will want to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to take care of it. By making sure you are getting the necessary vitamins and minerals, you can be sure that your follicles and hair are strong. If you use the right shampoo, you will keep your scalp clean and your hair strong and looking healthy. If you use the right conditioner, you will add nutrients to your hair. This involves a complete hair care system. If you are stopping hair damage, you are making sure that your hair is strong and secure.


Coping with Hair Loss

Hair loss can be one of the toughest issues that people face as they age. Some of us find that we start losing our hair early; others find that we do not lose our hair until later in life. Either way, people who are starting to lose their hair can go through a vast range of emotions due to the fact that we all put such an emotional attachment to our hair. Hair is seen as a symbol of youth and strength, and this can make it extremely hard for those of us losing our hair.

It is important to understand that hair loss is something that can happen to anyone. It can happen to people who are younger, and it can happen to people who are older. Hair loss can affect men, but also can affect women. Hair loss is an issue that can affect all of us at nearly any and all ages.

Surgical procedures are one way for people to deal and cope with hair loss. They think that if they have their hair surgically replaced, they will never have to worry about hair loss again. Some people are not worried about the psychological idea behind losing hair, they simply want to make sure that they look good, and believe that they need the full head of hair to do so. One surgical procedure grafts follicles into balding areas in order to create growth. Another aims to replace follicles that may have been damaged or have gone “dormant” due to harsh chemicals or other products.



People tend to discount the many popular brands of over the counter products for stopping hair loss, dimply because they do not take them seriously. There are many people who are successful with hair loss products that are sold over the counter. These creams and chemicals stimulate hair regrowth so that hair loss id reversed by getting the follicles to continue with the natural hair growth life cycle.

Some people cope with hair loss by taking a different approach to the situation. Some will choose to wear wigs or toupees. These are very popular for hiding a balding or thinning area of the scalp. Wigs allow people to look as though they have a full head of hair, and are perfect for those who want to make sure that they look their best in public. If they feel that hair loss does not fit their image, a wig can give them a new outward image and a new inner confidence.

Some people completely embrace the fact that they are losing hair and shave it all off, completely down to the scalp. This bald look is something that many people have turned to simply because it is a look that is not artificial. Those who want to look good, but do not want to worry about hiding their hair loss will often choose this solution. This has been done mostly by men, but now even women are embracing the look.

The latest method available to improve hair output from each follicle is the laser hair comb or laser hair brush. The low level laser is cool to the touch, is regulated to only target the scalp to the depth of the follicles and takes only about an hour a week to see success. The red light stimulates the follicles to produce a thicker hair shaft in each viable follicle. This works best for thinning areas. Dead follicles can no longer produce and this does not work in that case.

People attempt to cope with hair loss in different ways.  Some people will go to extremes to get their hair back. Others will use over the counter products to stop hair loss. Still others will look toward wigs or shaving in order to hide or work with their condition. Either way, people will always look for the best way for them to cope and get used to their new situation. While some of these actions may hide issues, they are still just a way for people to cope.


Shower Filters Can Keep You from Losing Your Hair?

Why Filter Your Shower Water?

Shower filters protect your health and the health of your hair and can actually keep you from losing hair. They remove Chlorine from the water and the steam that envelops your body each time you take a shower. They soften the water to reduce soap scum and hard water deposits. They also reduce rust and other oxidized minerals in your shower water. Chlorine, soap scum, hard water and oxidized minerals are all hard on the hair that we have, and can damage the scalp and clog the pores of our present hair and inhibit new hair growth. The better question is “Why Wouldn’t we filter our Shower Water?”

How is Chlorine Harmful?

We take in up to 10 times more chlorine and other chemicals from showering than from drinking water, and the American Journal Of Public Health has documented a link between chlorine and breast, colon and bladder cancer, and has listed showering as a major percentage of this harmful exposure. When chlorine vaporizes, it combines with other airborne particles in your shower to form a chloroform gas which can be a contributor to asthma and other respiratory problems.

The U.S. EPA confirms that due to chlorine in our shower water, there is an elevated level of chloroform gas in almost every home in America today. That statistic alone is frightening. Losing hair is just one of the results of harmful chlorine we can see. It appears that it is just part of the array of health issues we face from our environment on a daily basis.

Filtered Water is Softer on Hair and Skin

More noticeable than health hazards, are the cosmetic benefits of using a shower filter. By removing the chemicals from your shower water, you notice softer skin and hair right away. Swimming in a chlorinated pool or using a chlorinated Jacuzzi or hot tub noticeably leaves your skin drier, causing flaky and itchy skin and sometimes rashes. Showering in filtered water is less drying and allows both skin and hair to retain moisture longer, which gives it a younger and healthier look and feel. In a warm shower the pores of the skin and scalp open allowing rapid absorption of chemicals including chlorine that are in the water and the surrounding vapor. Chlorine and some other harmful chemicals vaporize at a lower temperature than water and at a faster rate, so the steam that we breathe in and absorb through our skin while showering has highly concentrated levels of chlorine. Filtered shower water balances the water’s pH and keeps the harsh chemicals away from our skin and scalp, not to mention lungs, leaving skin, scalp and hair softer to the touch, and us all breathing easier! It keeps us from losing hair through drying, breakage and clogging of hair follicles.

How do Shower Filters Work?

There are 4 types of filtration methods used in shower filters. The most efficient at filtering warmer temperature water such as shower water is known as KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion).  KDF is a high purity copper-zinc alloy that creates a tiny electrical charge when water flows through it. This electrical charge forces free chlorine to combine with minerals in the water (calcium or other alkaline minerals) to form a harmless chloride (a chlelatable body salt). KDF also removes lead, iron and hydrogen sulfide, and inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae and fungi.

Carbon physically removes impurities from water because its surface is porous and “sticky” to the minerals that pass over it. The carbon used in shower filters must be of a high quality due to the warm water temperature.

Chlorgon is a chemical which is best combined with the KDF method as it also converts free chlorine and some combined chlorine molecules into the harmless chlorides mentioned above.

Crystals and magnets soften water by breaking up clusters of water molecules thereby reducing their size, making the water feel softer and allowing soap and shampoo to foam up more.

How do I Choose the Correct Filter?

Shower filters come in all shapes, sizes and cost levels. Some need to be replaced every 6-8 months, while others have removable filter canisters that reduce the cost and are easier to do than replacing the whole filter itself.  KDF is the standard for an efficient filter, but if it is combined with other filter media it may be more effective.  Shower filters alone are a great investment, but the correct shampoos, conditioners, skin products and nutrition all help to make a healthier body all around. We should use an entire system of products and health regimes to address the aging effects created by our environment. Dry skin and losing hair can be a thing of the past!

STRESS is Making My Hairs Fall Out!

We are reaching a time when younger and younger people are losing hair because of stress. Even people as young as 25 have relentless schedules that take a toll on their bodies. They first notice a thinning of the hair around their face and a lot of hair coming out in the shower or in their brush. When it seems to get out of control then some are turning to doctors that are specialists in thinning hair treatment and especially natural hair loss treatment. According to these specialists, about 20% (and mostly women) are concluding that their hair changes are due to stress. Hair loss is the result of a busy lifestyle, and in a vicious cycle, the worry about losing their hair causes even more stress. In other words, stress causes hair loss, which causes stress which makes for a more rapid loss of hair. When a woman or man starts out with full, shiny beautiful hair and they start to see it fall out in clumps or on their pillow in the morning it can be a blow to our self esteem! Increasing anxiety just fosters stress.


Reducing stress is a vital first step in any male or female hair loss treatment, but it is not that easy. If we feel we have a solution, however, and can start to see results, then stress about our hair situation will at least be absolved. Aside from improving our diet (make sure to get enough vitamin B, D and zinc) and getting more sleep, Rogaine and other medications can be taken. Stopping use of blow dryers with excessive heat and other manual or chemical mistreatment of our hair can begin to ease the problem as well. We can also have our hormone levels tested as the adrenal glands produce more adrenalin under stress and this can cause a buildup of testosterone or dihydrotestosterone in our hair producing follicles. Normal amounts are counterbalanced by our own bodies, but excessive stress can cause premature balding as well as thinning.


Now the FDA has approved the use of laser hair therapy to stimulate low-producing or dormant follicles to produce a thicker hair shaft. The laser hair brush (shaped like a hair brush and about the same weight and size) carries up to 35 cool lasers that are positioned in a curved, smooth face for optimum exposure to the follicles on our scalp. The cool light penetrates down to the follicle level to increase blood flow and thus the stream of nutrients to the area. As long as our bodies are healthy, this nutrient delivery can kickstart our hair follicles into high gear. The Nutreve Personal Hair Therapy Laser also uses a pulsing laser system in its laser hair brush that increases positive results. A hands-free stand is also available from these folks so you can multitask (does that increase or decrease stress?) while you treat your thinning hair. Used every other day for about 15-20 minutes, it seems like this is the wonder treatment of our new laser age. Rechargeable batteries keep the cost down and make the device portable. Positive results are usually seen in just over 30 days, and they keep getting better as you use the brush. So, you are never too young to start this thinning hair treatment, and best of all, at a one-time expense of under $700…it will not cause stress to your budget either!

Feed Your Hair, Inside and Out!

Nourish your hair…for GOOD by feeding it inside and out. Our hair is built of proteins (80-90%), so along with a balanced diet to get you the vitamins and minerals you need, make sure to eat protein-rich foods as well. Great sources are organic, grass-fed chicken, beef, cheese and eggs. If you are vegetarian or vegan then plant-based substitutes to get you the protein you need are legumes, nuts, tofu, seeds and hemp (hemp seeds are nutty tasting and delicious!). Eating at least 5 ounces daily (150 grams) will do it. For those vitamins (especially B) eat kiwi and pumpkin seeds. Healthy hair also needs the essential fatty acids from such sources as walnuts, avocados, flaxseeds and wild salmon. Important minerals for healthy hair production are zinc (found in seafood and legumes), silica (found in potatoes, red and green peppers and bean sprouts) and magnesium (found in green vegetables and nuts). Diets low in iron can also contribute to hair loss or poor hair quality, especially in women.

Our hair follicles are considered a “non-essential tissue” by the body’s computers, and therefore they are one of the last to receive nutritional substances. Anytime our bodies go for too long without enough proteins and other nutrients necessary for optimum growth, these follicles which produce our hair cannot keep up and our hair begins to thin and fall out. Before this, the hair shafts begin to show a lack of optimum health by becoming duller and prone to more breakage as they grow out. Due to a decreased capability of the follicle, the hair that is produced is thinner as well.

We also need to feed our hair on the “outside”. There are many new “hair systems” out now that claim to contain (elastic) proteins to coat the hair shaft and make it more resilient and resistant to breakage. The way some of these sound, it seems that they are claiming to “revive” your hair even if technically it is dead tissue once it leaves the follicle chamber in your scalp. However, many of these products do coat the strands or keep the scalp clear of built-up oils that can clog the follicles. Clogged follicles become constricted and end up producing a finer hair that has less sheen. Part of this is due to the physical constriction and part is due to a lack of air circulation that keeps your scalp healthy. Beware of super drying shampoos, however. You may feel like your scalp and hair are squeaky clean, but scalp and hair (just like skin) need some oils to keep from drying out and flaking or breaking. The perfect balance is what we are striving for here.


So, feed your body properly in order to feed your hair from the inside, and make sure hair is cleaned but then fed with good conditioners on the outside. Sometimes outside influences (dry heat, prescription medications, illness or stress) damage our follicles and we need an extra boost to make our hair fuller, shinier, stronger or even to fill in balding patches where follicles are beginning to fail all together. In that case, an increase in the blood flow that actually carries the nutrients to the follicles may need a boost. The Nutreve Personal Hair Therapy Laser uses cool laser waves to stimulate the blood flow at the correct depth of the follicles creating a natural thinning hair treatment. This laser hair brush feeds the root of your hair, so it is not only fed inside and out, but also nourished from the bottom up!


I’m Only 30 and I’m Losing My Hair!

I’m only in my early 30s, but I’m already starting to notice that I’m going to have to find a treatment for thinning hair! I have made sure that I keep up on my exercise as I’m a part-time marathon runner (I do one full and two half marathon events a year) and I go to yoga and spin classes. I make sure to go for regular cleanings and check-ups at my dentist and whiten my teeth (as reminded by my Mom who works for a dentist!). I also get a massage twice a month (along with my yoga classes) to help relieve the stress that accumulates from my new job, pending marriage and house-hunting endeavors. I go for regular medical and skin checkups as I have great medical insurance and have even gotten my bone density tests (great results) and blood-work done (more great results).

My skin is in fairly good shape considering I’m outdoors a lot living at the beach, and I make sure to moisturize daily and wear sun screen and very little makeup unless I go out in the evening. WHY then, am I looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a much “older” person than I feel like I AM or put work into being? I finally saw it, thinning hair!

I started with the expensive conditioners and “volumizing” shampoos and found that they have to be changed out as the buildup was clogging my scalp pores (follicles) and causing itching and breakouts, PLUS my hair ended up getting even thinner as the pores clogged and I needed MORE product like a never ending cycle. I switched back to a squeaky clean approach!

Hair sprays are great for plumping up my hairdo for a night out on the town, but they build up if used every day to disguise my thinning hair problem. Blow drying my hair with my head upside down is super for creating volume especially if you use a mousse (they’re BAAACK!) but too frequent blow-drys or these blow-outs were just making my hair dry and brittle. Breaking hair made me need a more frequent cut and although shorter hair sounds good for some, it did not fit my face and I need to be able to put my hair up in a pony for exercise, so past mid-length is best for looks and lifestyle (I’m careful to use soft, non-breaking scrunchies). Besides, isn’t longer hair with a lot of movement and swing a sign of youth?

Coloring my hair and putting blond streaks in (I’m getting darker every year too) helps give me a lift and volume, but I worry about the overall health of my hair with dyes. Then I read that hair COLOR has less to do with looking younger than shine, smoothness, luminosity and VOLUME. Extensions are great (but costly to keep up) and forget a wig (even a wiglet). Next I looked for a natural hair loss treatment.

I do not want to take any internal medications and I would rather not use the expensive, messy topical out there such as Rogaine for women. However, I did stumble on laser hair therapy that can work with any meds you may have to take for other issues (I’m lucky that I don’t, yet!). The laser hair brush can also be used on dyed hair, any ethnicity, treated or damaged hair and it works for men just as well! There is a one-time cost for the laser hair brush itself and the rechargeable batteries, and you can use it the recommended 15-20 minutes every other day for the rest of your life! There is one with an awesome warranty and guarantee at about $700 and comes in with the lightest (like a hairbrush) weight and the most (35) lasers. It is cool to the touch and simply stimulates blood flow to the exact depth of the hair-producing follicle by pulsing these laser waves. Hair grows in thicker, shinier and FULLER!!! I have read the testimonials, have ordered and received my Nutreve Personal Hair Therapy Laser. I have called the company and actually got to speak to the owner and Team with my questions about safety, use, etc. and am fully satisfied. Results should be complete in 30 days or so…but I can already see more hair around my facial hairline and I’m comforted knowing that there is such a great customer satisfaction policy! Here’s to fixing my final flaw in my quest to looking as good as I feel!

Magic Tricks for Your Hair, Eyes, Skin and Lips

The trick to youthful looks starts with a look back at old photographs of a younger you. Maybe it’s a playground or beach shot where you have a great carefree moment. You have shiny, bouncy hair, perfectly arched eyebrows, a natural healthy glow, clear eyes, a happy smile (and hopefully most of your teeth), warm round cheeks and dark, full lashes. There is not a wrinkle in sight! Fortunately, most of us still feel almost as good as we did then, so why can’t we look that young again? Maybe a little magic will do the trick!

Rosy cheeks can be had with makeup and a healthy glow comes from eating properly and getting enough sleep and just enough sun for proper vitamin D levels. Exercise can help with weight balance (not too skinny and not too heavy) and muscle tone so we can show off bare arms, legs and tummy. Getting enough hydration also helps keep skin elastic and more frequent use of moisturizers are now needed everywhere on the body paying special attention to our hands. Hands and necks can really define our age! Clear eyes are helped by proper sleep, natural tear-type eye drops and wearing sunglasses when driving as well as walking and playing outdoors. Eyelashes can be made to look darker and fuller with makeup or even lash extensions (no mascara needed!).

Eyebrows start to lighten up, thin out and even turn white! A regular visit to a brow boutique or salon can keep us perfectly manicured there, and there are professional eyebrow dyes or tints to darken and highlight what still remains of our eye “frame”. I was using eyelash mascara on my brows, then voila, out comes a new product made especially for eyebrows (looks the same to me!). However, I now use that to darken and fill in thinning brows. Lips also seem to thin, and although there are a lot of lipstick brands that tout “luscious lips”, lips need to be plumped up first for the full effect! Lip plumpers sold over the counter tend to wear off in no time, but a professional series of injections works wonders (on your pocketbook as well!).

As we age, the outer ring of our iris begins to fade making eyes look old. Colorful contacts can enliven our eyes. Our teeth tend to yellow with age as well as wear down. Regular visits to the dentist will keep our teeth healthy, but veneers or tooth-colored fillings to replace worn edges and all of the whitening products out there can rejuvenate our smiles. The skin around our lips also begins to pucker and we begin to develop “jowls” due to loss of collagen and muscle tone and connectivity under the skin in these areas. Keeping weight down helps for the jowl area and never having smoked, sucked heavily on drinking straws or any other similar motion (playing the French horn?) would mean that the lines above your lips might be spared from deep creases for a bit longer in life, but eventually we could all use some of the new rejuvenating injectables meant to decrease lines and plump tissue to keep those lines from reforming.

low level light therapy for hair loss

But the biggest magic trick is to replace lost hair! There is a laser hair brush on the market that is absolutely the best thinning hair treatment. The Nutreve Personal Hair Therapy Laser contains 35 pulsing cool temperature lasers that increase the blood flow to the base of the hair follicle allowing each to produce a thicker, shinier hair shaft. Using it every other day for just 15 to 20 minutes is a breeze, and with rechargeable batteries it is only a one-time cost. Any type or ethnicity of hair, dyed, natural, straightened, etc. is a candidate for laser hair restoration. Because it is a natural hair loss treatment it is also safe for a person taking any type of prescription medication or using any other type of hair loss treatment. Shampoos and conditioners help with body and shine, but for true volume and thick, youthful hair only the laser hair brush treatment “does the trick”!

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