No Woman Wants to Style Their Hair to Extinction…We Just Want to Look Fabulous!

Don't let styling your hair cause thinning on for tips to avoid hair loss!Everyday Actions That Can Cause Your Hair to Thin

Sometimes thinning hair can be self-inflicted without our even realizing it! All of the different things women do to their hair to style it and change the way it looks can cause damage and breakage, which can cause thinning. Hairstyles that are pulled tightly such as braids, pigtails/ponytails and cornrows, hair extensions, dyes, chemical treatments, bad brushes, blow dryers and flat irons can all contribute to thinning hair and hair loss.

Color, Perm, Weave, Braid, Style, Heat, Straighten, Extensions…Oh My!

Over-treating your hair, over-styling it, pulling it too tightly, over-heating, and just attacking your hair with too much “style” can lead to thinning hair. The trick with this is – don’t over-do it. If you like hairstyles such as ponytails, tight braids, cornrows or extensions then give your hair a rest from it for a little while every now and then. These styles can be very hard on your hair and scalp causing breakage and hair loss, especially when used constantly.

Using A StylistKeep hair from thinning by being selective in your stylist! Perms, hair color, and other processing can damage your hair if not done properly.

If you have perming, coloring or any other chemical processing of your hair done by a stylist or hairdresser, then I would at least suggest that you check them out first. Too many scalps have been damaged by the unprofessional “professional” who might work in the trade but may not really know the craft! I found my stylist by asking around and waited until I heard about one that met my expectations – basically, she got RAVE reviews! There are also online reviews and blogs or forums (I have listed some websites which have searchable reviews down below) where you can try to find or get information on stylists you are thinking of trying, though I have found that word of mouth recommendations work best.

Processing Your Own Hair

If you plan on processing your hair yourself just be very careful and keep an eye on your time. The number one reason women “fry” their own scalp/hair is because they leave the chemical on longer than they should or because they process too close together.

Finding the Right Hair Brush

When it comes to hair brushes, find one that is gentle on both scalp and hair. When brushing, don’t just rip the brush through tangles, gently work them out. Start at the tips when brushing and work backwards to your scalp, especially if you have long hair. This can all help to minimize pulling, stretching and breakage.

Basically, just be nice to your hair ladies, and remember that the better you treat it and the less you do to it in the name of “style”, the healthier it will be!


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